Leland Montell


America Back on Course

Leland Montell of Tucson says:

I seek the office of President because the current media-anointed frontrunners do not represent the views that I perceive as most pressing to the nation and world community. I attribute this to the vast amounts of money required to compete in the electoral process and subsequent constraints imposed by their financial backers. With no such constraints, I am well positioned to make the substantive changes that will set this country aright. Because US policies represent the greatest potential for positive change in the world today, it is incumbent upon this country to take its leadership role seriously on behalf of all people, rather than abusing its position as sole superpower. I will never lie to the citizens of this country.

His platform:

1) End the War and Occupation of Iraq: An orderly and decisive withdrawal shall be initiated immediately upon my inauguration. The assistance and support of nations and parties concerned with the future viability and stability of Iraq will be encouraged, including the United Nations and neighboring countries.

2) Environment: The US will take the lead in the effort to address global warming and other issues of environmental degradation that affect the health and safety of all humanity. A massive program to develop energy conservation and alternative power sources will be established with emphasis on international cooperation and economic viability.

3) International Relations: Re-establish US respect and credibility world-wide through a recommitment to institutions such as the Geneva Conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the immediate closure of illegal detention facilities and the commitment to a policy of armed intervention as the absolute means of last resort. I believe that if these steps are taken, the terrorist threat to the US will be greatly reduced.

4) Universal Heath Care: The US health care system will be overhauled to establish universal coverage for all US citizens. Private healthcare providers may continue to serve those who elect not to participate in the national program.

5) Economy: Steps will be taken to encourage small businesses, stimulate competition in the market place, re-establish honor, respect, and fairness as elements of business practice and put the US dollar back on a gold standard. We will bring deficit spending under control and address the crippling effects of the national debt. Goodness only knows how!

6) Education: Higher wages for public teachers, support rather than punishment for schools falling short, and an expanded student loan program.

7) Immigration: The US economy depends upon a large number of foreign workers. As productive members of US society, these people should be allowed to remain here unmolested. However, they need to be identified and documented.


20 Responses

  1. where do you work whats your occ?

  2. You go Leland Montell-

  3. Vote for Positive Change – Vote for Leland Montell!

  4. I had the pleasure of working for Leland Montel in Somalia. His a person we can have confidence in. A true leader.

  5. I would like the voters to see your resume. Certainly it would convince all that your goals have always been for the highest good.
    Your efforts across the world as well as at home have to made a difference

  6. Perfect platform. Could not have said it better myself!
    Honestly, you are the best candidate I’ve ever had the pleasure of supporting.

    PS And yeah, what your mom said ….

  7. Wow, now that is a platform that we can live with! It will take a lot of work getting all this accomplished but I believe that you can do it Lee.
    Keep the vigil. One vote at a time!

  8. Good man. I’m happy to vote for him.

  9. I have known Leland for just a short time. However, even though I am a registered Republican I consider Leland a man of deep sincerity, integrity, and intelligence. His values of truth and honesty are ones we can all live with!

  10. Sounds good, Lee!, but you always sound good. You might add “free public education k through college.” It wouldn’t be hard to do all this, you know, if we’d rein in the insurance companies and curtail the corporate control. I’ll bet on you any time. You can do it!

  11. I had a pleasure to work with Leland in Bosnia. Great man, good friend, he says what he means. Tenpa and me are praying for you and your chance to contribute the World. Good luck dear friend.

  12. Mr. Montell, as your fellow candidate I can but second your stance on all the issues. The Tucson Weekly Readers’ Endorsement win was impressive. But you still have to garner more votes in the AZ Presidential Preference election next Tuesday. As the leading candidate, I want to extend my hand in friendship and ask that you consider taking a stand to my left and behind me as my vice-presidential candidate.

  13. Leland, you are rockin’!

  14. Leland..you are a man of integrity, fairness and action!

    You would be a leader in the same vein as Harry Truman: solving difficult problems in a simplistic way: good old fashioned common sense. More importantly, I know Leland to be man who accepts responsibility for his actions and admits mistakes.

    This country needs a open-minded, progressive leader like you.

    Give ’em Hell, Montell!

  15. Mohandas Gandhi once said ” You have to be the change you want to see in the world”. I can stand behind your platform 100%. Clean cut and to the point… Do you embody the change you want to in our United States?… ‘m currently apart of our beloved Air Force and my fiance the Marine Corps. your first point stuck out to the both of us

  16. I can think of no better person to lead the US!!
    Dont waste your votes on puppet candidates who have their own Agendas … Leland is a true leader, with the vision and passion to do what is right.

    Go for it buddy!!!

  17. Leland…

    Good to se you back in US politics!
    I wish I was an American and could vote for you.
    However, you have my full support from here in the UK.
    Let’s get our UK/US special relationship back on track and working for the good of the world community.

  18. As a childhood friend of Lee’s, I can say that along with the other siblings in his (large, somewhat unruly, but altogether charming and generous) family, his ethics, commitment and charisma should carry him far in the race for president.

    I am also hoping they carry him as far as his high school reunion, where a number of voters will be waiting to welcome him next August 9th…..

  19. Lee used to follow me with his Reggae show on KALX every Friday night and he promised me the Ambassadorship to Jamaica one day…… I hope it wasn’t merely an empty political promise

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